• developing or achieving gradually
  • developing by evolutionary processess
  • working (something) out
  • unfolding from ~ to
Stumbling into adulthood with childhood secrets and family dysfunctions already gripping her life, the author's future would be further impacted by her youngest brother's fame, the family's public persona, and her own personal life of brokenness. Writing candidly of those hardships, she shares her life story, which is far from pretty and sometimes difficult to embrace. But with a belief that  “you cannot heal from things that you cannot acknowledge” she sets out on a course of God's design to become free of all that has held her hostage for many years. Controversial to say the least, her story will make you ponder all that you thought you knew about her and her family.  A book that is painful to read, but hard to put down, so say many of its readers.

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"Begging God repeatedly to deliver me from my heartwrenching situations, His response over the years have remained the same"

"You are stronger than your situations."